• Why Have a Family Dentist?
    Looking for a dental practitioner your whole family will love? A family dentist provides dental care to patients of all ages. A family dentist can provide everything your family needs Read more
  • Signs Your Child May Need Braces
    Are you interested in knowing how your Greenville, NC, dentists can help you? Dr. Laura Dávila and Dr. Norberto Velázquez can offer you and your child the dental care you need. They can Read more
  • How to Handle a Cracked Tooth
    It’s important to know how to handle this dental emergency if it happens to you. You know that that the crunch sound you just heard wasn’t from the food you were Read more
  • What Dental Service is Right for Me?
    If you want to improve the appearance of your smile then find out what we can do for you. If you feel self-conscious about smiling or talking in public because of Read more
  • What is Flap Surgery?
    Find out how flap surgery might be able to improve the health of your gums. Are you dealing with gum disease? Are you looking for a way to tackle your symptoms Read more
  • Do I Have A Cavity?
    What your dentists in Greenville, North Carolina want you to know about cavities Sometimes you will know immediately if you have a cavity by the sharp, sudden pain you feel when Read more
  • Why You Should Consider Dental Implants
    Have you been thinking about replacing a lost tooth or missing teeth with dental implants? Drs. Laura Davila and Norberto Velazquez, your Greenville, NC, dentists, explain why dental implants are Read more
  • Are Veneers Right For Me?
    Dental veneers offer the perfect way to improve your smile, whether you're unhappy with the appearance of one tooth or all of them. Greenville, NC cosmetic dentists Drs. Davila & Velazquez, Read more
  • Types of braces available
    Children through teens and even adults may require correction of their jaw bone and tooth alignment. Your family dentists in the Greenville area, Drs. Laura Davila and Norberto Velazquez, recommend Read more
  • How Bonding Can Help Improve My Smile
    Dental bonding from your family dentist at Drs. Davila & Velazquez, P.A. in Greenville can provide a number of benefits for anyone who needs a little dental work done. If Read more
  • What Are Night Guards?
    While most people think of sleeping as a fairly safe activity, it may not be as safe for your teeth as you might think. Just as your teeth need protection Read more
  • When a Child Should Start Seeing the Dentist
    Find out when it’s time to schedule your little one’s first dental visit. Nothing is more important than the health of your child. This also includes the health of their teeth Read more
  • Why the New Year is the Right Time Freshen Up Your Smile!
    Are you looking to start the New Year off with a bright and beaming smile? Have you found yourself with extra time on your hands recently? Now is the perfect Read more
  • What to Expect at Each Age in Your Dental Life
    Every day, our office receives calls from concerned parents who are worried about the development of their child’s teeth. We hope that this will help ease the mind of the Read more
  • True or False: Test Your Knowledge of Dental Implants
    We want our patients to be well informed, so they can make confident decisions in regards to their dental treatments. That’s why we want to test your knowledge of dental Read more

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