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The Long Term Benefits of Dental Implants

Do know what osseointegration is? It's the main reason why dental implants, today's most popular tooth replacement, are so effective. Placed by your dentists, Dr. Laura Davila and Dr. Nobert Velazquez, in their Greenville, NC, practice, implants benefit patients in so many ways. Learn about osseointegration and implant benefits here.

Replacing a tooth

Tooth replacement eliminates smile gaps, improves self-esteem, maximizes biting, chewing, and digestion, and supports remaining teeth. When a patient has sufficient bone in his or her jaw, Dr. Davila or Dr. Velazquez recommend dental implants as the optimal dental prosthetic.

Better than conventional partials, bridges, and full dentures, dental implants actually improve jaw bone quality. They provide sturdy anchorage for later placement of a metal post and porcelain crown or dentures as need dictates.

You see, dental implants resemble screws, and because they are made of titanium, they actually fuse with the bone when your dentist surgically places one in your jaw. This bonding action is termed osseointegration. A dental implant integrated with this way acts and feels just like a real tooth root as it transfers the stresses of biting to the bone. ScienceDirect says this transfer exercises the bone and keeps it strong. What an amazing benefit!

Other benefits of dental implants

Our dentists find that their implant patients in the Greenville, NC, area enjoy a wide range of implant advantages, such as:

  • Natural smile appearance; no one can tell you have an implant, and your face will retain youthful shape and size
  • No decay; however, you must brush and floss carefully to remove toxic food residues
  • Natural-sounding speech
  • Stability and easy care; implants are not removable and require no adhesive, special soaking, or denture pastes
  • No more embarrassment; implants cannot slip, slide and click as dentures can
  • One-time procedure; they last a lifetime, says the Institute for Dental Implant Awareness

Healthy teeth and a healthy you

Failing teeth are a real danger to your systemic health. So, replacing them with state of the art dental implants contributes to great oral health and function and vibrant overall health.

For more information on beneficial dental implants, call our Greenville, NC, office at (252) 756-7789 today for an informative consultation and exam. Dr. Davila and Dr. Velazquez love talking to their patients about osseointegration and these great artificial teeth.

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