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How Bonding Can Help Improve My Smile

Dental BondingDental bonding from your family dentist at Drs. Davila & Velazquez, P.A. in Greenville can provide a number of benefits for anyone who needs a little dental work done. If your smile is in fairly good condition but you could use some minor correction, dental bonding may be right for you. Here are three ways dental bonding can improve your smile, starting today.

1. Fill Small Cavities

Fillings aren't the only option for small cavities, especially when those cavities are on the front teeth. Dental bonding can also be used to fill in any unwanted small spaces caused by cavities and other small imperfections. Not only does this improve the appearance of your teeth, but it can help prevent additional cavities in the future.

2. Conceal Minor Cosmetic Flaws

Do your teeth have any small cracks or chips that you find unsightly? Dental bonding from your Greenville family dentist is a quick and easy way to cover them up for good, making your teeth look brand new once again. Dental bonding can even be used to cover areas of discoloration, giving you the beautiful, white smile you've always wanted.

3. Change the Size and Shape of Your Teeth

Are your teeth an awkward size or shape? Whether your teeth are too short, too narrow, too pointy or something else altogether, dental bonding can be used to reshape your teeth and make them more visually appealing. The change is minor, but you may just be amazed at what a difference it can make in your smile and self-confidence.

Benefits of Dental Bonding

Whether you need minor dental or cosmetic corrections, dental bonding might be just right for you. The procedure is quick, easy and painless. It provides instant results, it's reversible and it's less expensive than many other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Many people have already had dental bonding with great success; you could be next!

If you'd like to make a few small changes to your appearance, dental bonding can help. Talk to your family dentist at Drs. Davila & Velazquez, P.A. in Greenville to find out if dental bonding may be right for you today.

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